Busty Nonnie's Real Escort Reviews: 35 year old escort.

Nonnie's Reviews

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Nonnie's Reliability

Nonnie has never missed a scheduled booking. We have had some concern about her clothing choices, but she has her own style and we should respect that.

Mickey's Honest Review of Nonnie

New and I haven't met her so I can't tell you anything except she was referred in by her friend Nam and Nam gets amazing reviews so we are hoping Nonnie will be equally as good.

Escort: Nonnie

Date: 15th of Jun 2019


When i first saw nonnie's pictures, i was attracted by her hot figure and sexy looks. I decided to book her and it's really been a good session. i love her wild mature lady feel. her boobs are nice to suck. she is quite playful, licking my fingers, shaking her body. i like to doggie her, her ass is very bouncy. i finished off by cumming on her big boobs.


Length of booking: Short-Time

Would you recommend Nonnie to other clients? yes

Would you hire Nonnie again? yes

Escort: Nonnie

Date: 19th of Jan 2018


Nonnie is a great girl. She take care of me everything like a GF. She's very pretty. If I come back to Thailand, I think I'll find her again.

Length of booking: 1 Day

Would you recommend Nonnie to other clients? yes

Would you hire Nonnie again? yes

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